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Longer Probe Life

With the following recommendations

1. The patient contact area is confined to the disposable plastic tip. We strongly recommend that these tips are replaced after every use. We do not recommend that they are cleaned for re-use due to the possibility of cleaning fluid being transferred back to the probe. The probe can become contaminated or damaged if exposed to excessive fluid contact.

2. Otoacoustic emission probes should not be fitted to ear canals where there is suppurative otitis media or excessive cerumen or injury.

3. On occasions, probes may become contaminated by wax or other debris. This may block the sound coupler tubes, which will impede the OAE measurement and lead to more referrals. Therefore, the coupler tubes should be visually inspected before fitting a new tip and changed if necessary.

4. If contamination enters the coupler tubes, the probe should be disassembled and the coupler assembly replaced with a new one. Reassembly and test should follow the instructions in the User Manual. Do not attempt to clean contaminated coupler tubes.

5. Coupler tubes should be regularly replaced, even if not visibly contaminated. The interval will depend on intensity of use.

Click Here to watch 'How to change coupler tubes video