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The OAE probe Redesigned

The NEW ‘XGD’ probe can replace both UGS and UGD probes on all color Otoports and Otochecks, for DPOAEs, TEOAES and/or AABR

This probe has 2 BIG advantages for Otodynamics customers.

1. Easier Maintenance & Reduced Costs:
The mechanical redesign of our probe makes user level maintenance so much easier. There’s no dismantling of the probe to replace a tiny ‘coupler’. The XGD’s disposable tip holder just unclips and can be replaced in seconds with no danger of damage to probe transducers by inexperienced handling. And the disposable tip holder costs much less than our current couplers, meaning that the XGD will have low lower running costs and will last longer. Included in your demo-kit is a supply of tips and tip holders. See for instructions

2. Better Performance:
The XGD probe’s acoustic response can be controlled more accurately than ever before, delivering greater consistency and giving more scope for the recalibration of ageing probes. The XGD has the same acoustic response as our current UGS and UGD probes – ensuring customers of continuity in clinical testing and the same sensitivity and specificity in screening programs.

XGD probes are also programmable on some Otoport models. With an upcoming software upgrade , Otoport ‘Advance’ and ‘DP Clinical’ users will be able to extend their DPOAE frequency range to 12kHz.

The XGD probe is an enhanced replacement of the Otodynamics UGD and UGS probes, and offers advantages for both screening and clinical applications. viz easier and more economical maintenance, and enhanced acoustic performance.

Use of the XGD probe for testing is exactly the same as with our current UGD and UGS probes. The difference is in the way it is maintained.


Frequently Asked Questions

a) When will XGDs be available for sale?
From January 2023 all new Instrument sales to the USA will be shipped with the new XGD probe

b) Will customers get the same test responses, the same pass and fail rates, with the XGD?
Yes. After upgrading your Otoport firmware (included with the probe) your Otoport will automatically match the acoustic response of your current probe.

c) Will customer still be able to use their current probes and probe tips after the upgrade?
Yes, once upgraded your Otoport will accept XGD, UGD or UGS probes, and the XGD accepts regular Otodynamics DP tips. TEOAE users should note that the XGD only takes UGD tips, but it is equally capable of making TEOAE recordings.

d) Is the probe the same size and format as the old probe?
Yes, the XGD is basically the same size and weight as our previous probes, which makes them light and comfortable.

e) Will the XGD cost more?
No, the XGD will be priced the same as current UGS probes. There will also be savings in consumables costs because the disposable ‘tip holder’ will cost less than the current ‘coupler’. We also expect the XGD to last longer, because the probes filters are fully protected.

f) If customers only use Otoports for screening with TEOAEs, will they need a TEOAE only version of the XGD?
No. The XGD is equally capable of TEOAE and DPOAEs, according to the Otoport model you have so there’s no need for a ‘TEOAE only’ probe.

g) Is upgrading the Otoport firmware for the XGD difficult?
No. Customers can easily do it themselves if they are familiar with our Otolink Suite on PC. Full instructions will be supplied with the XGD probe. Some may prefer not to do the upgrade yourself and can ask the local representaive to do the upgrade as a chargeable service. It will only need to be done once per instruments, and thereafter you can use XGD, UGD and UGS probes interchangeably.

h) Otocheck LEs don’t use Otolink. Can they still upgrade to XGD?
Yes, all color Otochecks can be upgraded to take XGD probes. The Otolink program for PC can be downloaded. Then connect the Otocheck LE to the PC using the Otodynamics USB charging cable and upgrade the Otocheck firmware.

i) How will the XGD probe allow Advance and DP Clinical Otoports to test up to 12kHz?
An advanced XGD firmware update for these Otoports is currently in approval testing for release later this year. By applying ‘dynamic response control’ it will provide enhanced DPgram functions up to 12kHz on current insturments.

j) Can XGDs be used on old ‘black and white’ Otoport?
Unfortunately not. Older ‘black and white’ Otoports doesn’t have the processing power to run the XGD firmware. The XGD will not be recognised and testing will not be possible. But don’t worry, our UGD and UGD probes and tips will remain available for years to come.

k) Can XGDs be used on Echoport ILO292 or 288s?
Sorry but the XGD is for Otoport/Otocheck only and not compatible with these devices